How does the assessment work?

It will depend on the client’s age and what assessments need to be executed. For a client above 4 years of age two sessions of one hour each is usually indicated to complete the assessment. An hour is then booked to do the parent /guardian feedback, during which all observations and test results will be discussed.

What services do you deliver?

  • Assessments
  • School Visits
  • Individual or tandem clinic based therapy
  • Theraputic Listening
  • Reports
  • Continuous Development for teachers
  • Home visits
  • Contact with teachers and other health professionals
  • Talks to give information to parents or other interested parties
  • Sensory integration facilities are available

What age groups do you consult?

Ages 0 to 19 years.

How long will my child have to attend therapy?

This will depend on the areas of concern identified during the assessment. Some parents just need information and some exercises to do at home with a follow up once a month. Others need to attend therapy once a week for 45 minutes for a term or two. Sessions will be shortened for children who are younger.

Can I get any rebates from my medical insurance fund or Medicare?

I am registered with Medicare and with private medical health insurance funds.

Some clients will be eligible to receive a rebate for Occupational Therapy from Medicare. You will have to consult your GP to determine whether you are eligible.

If you have private medical insurance, please contact you provider to inquire about cover for Occupational Therapy and about yearly limits of funds available.

Will I be able to sit in during the assessment and therapy?

Yes. Most clients do well when their parents are present. Some may do better if the parent waits in the waiting room, which is next to the therapy and assessment area.

It is important for parents to be part of the therapy process as they need to reinforce the concepts covered during therapy sessions.